Jansen Viss

Jansen Viss: Innovative Steel Add-On Construction for High-Performance Facades

Jansen Viss represents a cutting-edge steel add-on construction, offering unparalleled thermal insulation and flexibility for both new constructions and renovations. This system holds a coveted Passivhaus certificate, ensuring exceptional energy efficiency. With modular components tailored to structural requirements, size, and infill element thicknesses, Viss guarantees optimal solutions in terms of structure and cost. Its sleek steel profiles, complemented by a variety of aluminium and stainless steel cover cap profiles, facilitate versatile architectural expressions while maximizing natural light penetration.


Ideal for energy-efficient new constructions, including Passivhaus projects, ensuring maximum thermal insulation and sustainability.

Perfect for retrofitting existing buildings, enhancing energy efficiency and modernizing aesthetics while maintaining structural integrity.

Offers architects creative freedom to design innovative facades with individual accents and visual elegance.



Thermal Efficiency:
Highly thermally insulated with Passivhaus certification, promoting energy conservation and sustainability.

Design Flexibility:
Modular system components tailored to structural needs, allowing customized solutions for various building types and designs.

Architectural Accents:
Aluminium and stainless steel cover cap profiles enable diverse outer covering options, facilitating unique architectural expressions.

Light Penetration:
Slim steel profiles ensure maximum natural light penetration, creating bright and inviting interior spaces.


Materials / Finish:
Uncoated or hot-dipped galvanized strip steel, suitable for powder-coating or stove enamelling. Cover profiles available in aluminium and stainless steel. We offer over 350 colours.
Viss system profiles and designer profiles (Linea, Delta, non-standard profiles) for versatile construction options.
Technical Features:
Face widths of 50 and 60 mm, accommodating infill elements ranging from 6 to 70 mm, with construction depths from 50 to 280 mm.
CE marking according to EN 13830, Uf > 0.65 W/m2K thermal transmittance, Rw 47 dB airborne sound insulation, RE1200 class tightness against heavy rain, AE class air permeability, 2 kN/m2 class resistance to wind load, E5/I5 class impact resistance, RC 2 to 3 class burglar resistance, FB4/NS class bullet resistance, compliant with AbZ Z-14.4-459 and AbZ Z-14.4-467, TRAV and Avis Technique France certifications, CWCT tested.


Energy Efficiency:
Passivhaus certified, ensuring outstanding thermal insulation and reduced energy consumption, contributing to sustainable building practices.

Design Versatility:
Modular components and diverse cover cap profiles enable architects to create unique, visually appealing facades tailored to specific project needs.

Natural Light:
Slim steel profiles maximize light penetration, creating well-lit and inviting interior spaces, enhancing occupant comfort.

Tested for impact, wind, burglar, and bullet resistance, ensuring long-term reliability and safety.

Architectural Innovation:
Enables innovative facade designs, transforming buildings with modern aesthetics and enhancing overall architectural appeal.


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