The Delphi Tenby

The Delphi, Tenby - Steel Faced Doors SG1 and Security SR2


The Delphi, a prestigious residential complex located in the scenic town of Tenby, sought to enhance its security while maintaining an aesthetic that echoed its coastal charm.


The challenge was to find doors that combined security with a design that seamlessly blended with the picturesque surroundings.


Steel Faced Doors SG1 and SR2 Security The project team chose Steel Faced Doors SG1 for their aesthetic appeal and SR2 Security for their high-level security features. These doors provided the ideal balance of style and safety, aligning perfectly with The Delphi’s vision.

Key Features:

Coastal Aesthetic: SG1 doors were designed to match the coastal charm of Tenby, ensuring they blended seamlessly with the surroundings.

Security: SR2 Security doors offered a security rating, providing peace of mind for residents.

Customisable Options: Both sets of doors were customisable, allowing for adaptation to the unique architectural features of The Delphi.


Seamless Blending: The coastal aesthetic of SG1 doors harmonised with Tenby’s surroundings, enhancing the overall appeal of The Delphi.

Enhanced Security: SR2 Security doors provided a high level of protection, ensuring residents felt secure in their homes.

Tailored to the Setting: Customisability allowed the doors to be perfectly tailored to the architectural features of The Delphi, ensuring a seamless fit.


The Delphi was no longer just a residential complex; it was a serene coastal retreat that offered security and style in perfect harmony. The Steel Faced Doors SG1 and SR2 Security doors elevated security while maintaining the picturesque appeal of the Tenby coastline.

PROJECT SCOPE: Elevating Security and Style at The Delphi, Tenby with Steel Faced Doors SG1 and SR2 Security


Steel Faced Doors SG1 and Security SR2


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