Case Studies

FH_FishIslandVillageP3_TypRes-4┬®Fred Howarth
Located in the heart of London, required an extensive upgrade to its external doors, screens, and curtain walling.
The Delphi, a prestigious residential complex located in the scenic town of Tenby, sought to enhance its security while maintaining an aesthetic that echoed its coastal charm.
Home to exhilarating motorsport events and the heartbeat of British racing, required a security upgrade to protect its valuable assets and ensure the safety of all personnel.
In the heart of London, a discerning homeowner sought to transform their residence into a haven of natural light and elegant design.
A luxurious residential complex known for its exquisite design and uncompromising safety standards, required an entry solution that combined aesthetics and security.
Gower Rd Swansea 2
A homeowner in Swansea approached us with a vision for revamping their home’s living area. They sought a solution that would not only bring their idea to life but also enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of their home.