Gower Road, Swansea

Gower Road, Swansea - Transforming Home Spaces with Art’15


The Gower Road, Swansea project is a testament to the transformation of private living spaces. A homeowner in Swansea approached us with a vision for revamping their home’s living area. They sought a solution that would not only bring their idea to life but also enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of their home. This case study highlights our collaboration with the client to turn their vision into reality using the versatile Art’15 system.


The project introduced several challenges:

Aesthetic Transformation: The client sought to revamp their living area and create distinct partitions while maintaining a cohesive design.

Thermal Efficiency: The project required solutions that would provide thermal insulation to keep the living area cosy.

Heritage Style Design: The client desired a heritage-style design, and preserving the home’s heritage aesthetics was crucial.


Our collaboration with the homeowner led to a creative and tailored solution:

1. Art’15 System Selection

Upon reviewing the client’s space and overall aesthetic, we suggested the Art’15 system. This system is ideal for internal residential spaces, with slim profiles and larger sight lines. The client requested samples, so we crafted corner samples with hinges and a working sample to demonstrate the operation. The client was captivated by the system’s features.

2. Bespoke Partitions

We provided two distinct partitions to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. The first partition featured a fixed screen, separating the living area from the dining space. The second partition included a fixed screen with an integrated door, dividing the living area from the kitchen. The use of a 24mm double-glazed unit, providing a U Value of 1.6 W/m²K, ensured a cosy living area.

3. Heritage-Style Design

To preserve the heritage-style design, we incorporated self-adhesive glazing bars, which were affixed to the glazing during installation. This approach maintained the heritage aesthetics without compromising thermal performance. It offered a cost-effective alternative to welded profiles while achieving the desired design.


The Gower Road, Swansea project was successfully completed in November 2020, resulting in several noteworthy achievements:

Aesthetic Transformation: The Art’15 system played a pivotal role in revamping the living area, creating distinct partitions while maintaining a cohesive design.

Thermal Comfort: With a U Value of 1.6 W/m²K, the partitions contributed to a cosy living space, ensuring thermal efficiency.

Heritage Preservation: The use of self-adhesive glazing bars preserved the heritage-style design without compromising thermal performance.

PROJECT SCOPE: Creating Bespoke Living Spaces in a Private Residence

JOB VALUE: £15,000.00

COMPLETION DATE: November 2020



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