Dumont London

Dumont London - Jansen Janisol Anti-Finger Trap Glazed Doors


Dumont London, a luxurious residential complex known for its exquisite design and uncompromising safety standards, required an entry solution that combined aesthetics and security.


The challenge was to find doors that not only looked stunning but also ensured the safety and convenience of its residents.


Jansen Janisol Anti-Finger Trap Glazed Doors The project team chose Jansen Janisol Anti-Finger Trap Glazed Doors, renowned for their innovative anti-finger trap technology and elegant design. These doors offered the perfect blend of safety and aesthetics, aligning seamlessly with Dumont London’s reputation for excellence.

Key Features:

Anti-Finger Trap Technology: Janisol doors were equipped with anti-finger trap features, guaranteeing resident safety.

Elegant Design: These doors featured an elegant and modern design, ensuring they matched Dumont London’s luxury aesthetic.

High Transparency: The glazed doors allowed for a clear view of the exterior, creating a welcoming entrance.


Enhanced Safety: Dumont London’s safety standards were significantly enhanced with the installation of Janisol Anti-Finger Trap Glazed Doors, providing peace of mind for residents.

Sophisticated Design: These doors added to the luxurious atmosphere of Dumont London, maintaining its reputation for elegance and style.

Ample Natural Light: The high transparency of the glazed doors provided an influx of natural light, creating an inviting ambiance.


Dumont London wasn’t just a residential complex; it was a symbol of luxury and security. The Janisol Anti-Finger Trap Glazed Doors elevated the safety and elegance of the entryway, ensuring that residents and guests experienced both convenience and sophistication.

PROJECT SCOPE: Elevating Safety and Elegance at Dumont London with Janisol Anti-Finger Trap Glazed Doors


Janisol Anti-Finger Trap Glazed Doors


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