Silverstone Race Circuit

Silverstone Race Circuit


The Silverstone Race Circuit, home to exhilarating motorsport events and the heartbeat of British racing, required a security upgrade to protect its valuable assets and ensure the safety of all personnel.


The challenge was to find a security solution that could withstand the rigorous demands of the racetrack.


SR2 Security Rated Steel Face Doors The project team opted for SR2 Security Rated Steel Face Doors, renowned for their security features and resilience. These doors provided the ideal solution to safeguard the circuit’s assets and guarantee the security of this iconic motorsport venue.

Key Features:

High Security Rating: SR2 doors offered a security rating, ensuring the protection of valuable assets and facilities.

Durable Construction: These doors were designed with durability in mind, withstanding the heavy usage and high demands of the race circuit.

Customisable Options: The doors allowed for customisation to fit seamlessly with the circuit’s unique needs.


Enhanced Security: Silverstone Race Circuit’s security was significantly bolstered with the installation of SR2 Security Rated Steel Face Doors, deterring unauthorised access.

Durability: These doors proved their resilience in a high-traffic environment, standing up to the demands of the race circuit.

Tailored Solutions: The customisable options ensured that the doors seamlessly integrated with the circuit’s unique requirements.


Silverstone Race Circuit became not only a world-renowned motorsport venue but also a prime example of how security and performance can harmoniously coexist. SR2 Security Rated Steel Face Doors elevated the circuit’s security standards while maintaining its reputation for excellence.

PROJECT SCOPE: Enhancing Security at Silverstone with SR2 Security Rated Steel Face Doors


SR2 Security Rated Steel Face Doors


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