Design and Supply Employee Champions Team

Design and Supply Employee Champions Team: Amplifying Voices, Fostering a Thriving Work Environment

Earlier this year, Design and Supply took a bold step towards enriching the lives of its valued employees by forming the Employee Champions Team. This team is comprised of dedicated individuals from diverse departments across the organisation, united by a common purpose: to ensure that the voices of our employees are not just heard but acted upon.

At Design and Supply, we understand that our people are at the heart of our success. Our commitment to nurturing a thriving work environment, where every member of our team feels their values are appreciated, is unwavering. The Employee Champions Team embodies this commitment, serving as the catalyst for positive change within the organisation.

Since its inception, the Employee Champions Team has been an incredible force for good. They have listened attentively to the concerns, suggestions, and aspirations of our employees and translated them into meaningful actions. From addressing requests for new chilled water fountains to the implementation of a company-wide monthly newsletter, the team has been proactive and effective in creating positive changes.

One of the most notable achievements of the Employee Champions Team has been the introduction of a unique birthday incentive. Now, our staff members have the opportunity to spin the birthday wheel and win exciting prizes on their special day. This innovative initiative not only adds an element of fun to our work environment but also underscores our commitment to recognising and celebrating our employees’ individuality.

The work that the Employee Champions Team is carrying out has exceeded expectations, and we express our deepest gratitude to the entire team for their dedication and proactive efforts. As Design and Supply moves forward, we remain committed to fostering a workplace where everyone’s contributions are valued, voices are heard, and actions are taken to ensure a thriving and inclusive work environment.